About Me

Ladies and Gentleman.
Greetings from ME a.k.a Ganesan, the photographer who will shoot the photos. Happy to know that you found me in this crowded world of photographers. My vision is to capture compelling images that will amaze you, your Friends and Relatives. The images captured by me would be close to a work of art, that make the viewers to stop, see the image and feel good about it. With an ambitious imagination accompanied with the willingness to capture authentic emotions which will allow you to experience the magic of that moment long after the event - is my basic expectation for my deliverables. Its good to describe me as a candid photographer, but what matters to me is that, the photos that I take speak to you, the love in the images be felt, the joy and excitement in the image be looked up to. As a photographer, my goal has to be to take great photos, but more than that I want to take images that captivates the imagination of the viewers, the viewers who would be glad to give me the opportunity to capture the moments in the happy occasions of their life.